In my works, color, pattern and texture in addition to size and form all define shapes in relationship to each other. These relationships are what constitute the entire work. Every choice embodies emotion, ideas and memories. Sometimes these shapes work and flow together and sometimes they don’t. When a shape with saturated color and a tight pattern is placed next to another with a wash and a looser texture, it creates a relationship. I'm interested in them working together to become a cohesive whole but maybe not in an obvious way. I am most drawn to moments of visual tension or when things don't quite make sense. I find that complexity really interesting and I ended up staring trying to understand what makes it work and then do it again. This is what keeps me engaged in painting. It's a problem creating and solving process.

I use the physical shape of the canvas to depict a psychological or emotional experience or feeling. They're not representing a literal body, but an experience or memory. The relationships of the shapes within the painting are dynamic and can push, pierce and bounce against each other, defining themselves and how they relate to one another.

I am using abstraction to talk about memories or experiences in a visual not literal way. People have memories that are difficult and I use mine as fuel to begin a piece. Some shapes within a painting can be twisted or bent within the composition, but find a path to exist in a beautiful way.